• Mom's Night Off

    Jumping straight out of bed (while catching parts of Barbie’s wardrobe between her toes) the young mom hobbles off hurriedly to grab her Superwoman cape! It is that time again! Time to prepare a nutritious breakfast, get those lunches packed, clothes iron, hair combed, faces kissed, those little bodies out of the door and off to school. But wait!  The relay race is not even close to over.  After that busy mama’s full day at work, she returns back to the world she has come to know as “motherhood” to finish the final leg of the “race”.  From the boardroom to the laundry room, she changes back into her cape.  While getting dinner going, she throws in a load of laundry and helps with homework.  She then proceeds to wash dishes, bath the kiddos and tucks them in for a good night’s sleep.  Whew…finally.  Time for a little shut eye…until…tomorrow.  Listen, this message is for all the Mom’s out there, we appreciate your hard work towards the job that never truly ends.  Many of us were once on the receiving end; nurtured and cared for by our dear mothers, and we are forever grateful.  This one is for you…THANK YOU, a million times over!  You are the real MVP’s!  Game Changers like no other.  Now this part of the message is for the kiddos and daddy-o’s … on May 10th give Mom the gift of a break; no cooking, cleaning or picking up after anyone for at least 24 hours. During that 24 hour period treat her to Farinella’s pizza were she can kick up her feet, relax and indulge in one of her favorite palams.  Remember, we also have Gift Cards in case she wants to slip off without you… hey, every girl needs a little “Me Time”. Happy Mother’s Day!

    For more info call 212-256-1872

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  • May 14th Cookapp Event

    Join us on May 14th at 7:00pm for a PARTY in the Back Room!  Farinella Bakery is hosting our very first Cookapp Event.  Come ready to enjoy out-of-this-world APPETIZERS, Gourmet PIZZA prepared from the Chef's secret menu, DESSERT designed to satisfy your wildest sweet tooth and glasses of ENDLESS WINE!  Yes, you heard right! UNLIMITED WINE, all night long!  The evening would not be complete without music, so we will have a LIVE DJ playing the latest hits and ready to take your special requests.  We hope to see you there!  Sign up soon, as seating is limited.

    For more information or to sign up CLICK HERE.

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  • 6 Reasons Your Night Out At Farinella's Will Be EPIC!

    Not many things in life can be guaranteed.  However, this is one guarantee I am willing to make!  When you attend this gathering of INCREDIBLE pizza and people, you are guaranteed to have an EPIC experience because you will...

    1. Make HISTORY!

    "Firsts" only happen ONCE and we want YOU to be part of this one!  May 14th, Farinella is hosting our VERY FIRST Cookaap event, where we are bringing our passion for pizza and people together under one roof. Amazingly enough, this party falls a few short weeks before our FIRST Anniversary here at our 61st Street location.  That's right, we moved into this location a year ago!  So come be part of one of our many firsts!  It would be an honor to share this FIRST with you and celebrate the night away! Let's make it EPIC!

    2. Rub Elbows With The Chef

    Farinella's very own Executive Chef, Alberto, will be in the house!  If there is anybody who knows how to have a great time, this would be the guy!  He works hard, but knows how to have fun too!  All work and no play is a bit over-rated don't ya think?  Mingle and chat with the master-mind behind the details of this event!  Yep, he developed the recipes, menu and flow of the evening, especially for you!  If you are lucky, maybe he will even give you a little impromtu freestyle rap...shhh don't tell him I told you...but he is an internationally recognized MC (and he's GOOD!).  Alberto has pulled out all the stops to create an amazing time for you!  So come ready to PARTY; he is ready to PARTY with YOU!

    3. Meet New & Exciting People

    Cookapp is growing rapidly, as more people are joining the movement.  Individuals in NYC are looking for fresh and exciting ways to connect with others like themselves in a safe, enjoyable and comfortable environment.  We have partnered with Cookapp to create that space for you, on May 14th, here at Farinella!  Face it, some social gatherings can be just plain awkward for at times, but when there is food (especially PIZZA and WINE) that awkwardness magically disappears.  So, don't worry about not knowing anyone or facing awkward moments of silence...cricket..., there will be none of that here!  Come ready to meet people from all over the world, who love food and are looking to share an evening indulging in what we all love most...PIZZA!

    4. Listen To Great Music

    Another great connector of people is music and BOY do we have a playlist in store for you!  The DJ will be in full-swing with the latest hits and ready to take your requests!  So whether you enjoy a little Raggae, Hip-Hop, Indie, Neo-Soul, Irish Celtic Folk, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Pop or Rock...just ask Mr. DJ and he will make sure you have enough ear candy to rock the night away!

    5. Sip Wine, Wine, Wine and More Wine

    What is a party without wine...I will tell you what it is...BORING!  Let's just say, with our endless supply of wine on deck, this party will be anything BUT boring! Our chef has carefully selected Italian Imported wines that pair exceptionally with the appetizers, pizza and dessert on the menu for the evening.  Just you wait and see! 

    6. Eat AMAZING Pizza & Other Delectable Bites!

    Last, and CERTAINLY not least, the food is going to be EXQUISITE!  I mentioned the food last...because that is typically where we bring out the BEST (ya know...gotta save the best for last!).  Come with a ready palette and a healthy appetite, because we are going to FEED you well!  The culinary highlight of the evening is that the Chef is serving appetizers and pizza found only in his "Secret Menu", created specifically for this event.  The appetizers are loaded with nothing but FIVE STAR ingredients; quail egg, lump crab and highly sought after truffle mousse.  Afterwards, you will be served five different varieties of pizza.  The pizza, I guarantee you is unlike any pizza you have ever tried! Have you ever had the opportunity to indulge in an ALL BLACK pizza crust?!  I didn't think so!  The foundation is a Squid Ink pizza crust, doused with a zesty marinara sauce and topped with baked squid rings.   It is the most refreshing pizza EVER!  It is delightfully different and out-of-this-world DELICIOUS!  But, I will stop there...it is important to leave something to the imagination.  Just make sure you are here to try it for yourself!   

    For more details, such as the FULL menu, time, location, etc. CLICK HERE

    Invite your friends!  The more the merrier!  However, be sure to sign up soon, as seating is limited.

    See you on May 14th!



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  • 3 STELLAR Steps To Pulling Off The BEST April Fools' Day Prank!

    Face it, we get just ONE day a year where we are able to pull some of the most outrageous pranks on our family and friends (& unapologetically, might I add!)...in the name of April Fools' Day!  So this year we want to help you out...after all, you only get to do this ONE time a year!

    Just follow these 3 stellar steps...

    1. Build unexpected anticipation and get them BEYOND excited.
    {Tell 'em you're bringing home a 4ft long, steaming hot Farinella pizza!}

    2. Curb every ounce of excitement and anticipation...I mean stop it RIGHT in its tracks!
    {At the LAST minute, call home and ask them to just "pull something out of the freezer" for dinner. You JUST remembered that pot roast that's been in there all year! Talk about a major let down!}

    3. Throw that MIGHTY curve ball and BLOW their unsuspecting brilliant minds!
    {Bust through the door with their favorite 4ft long pizza...or better yet, pack up the fam and head over the Farinella's Back Room and let them feast on the pizza experience they almost gave up hope on...APRIL FOOLS'!!!...and watch them burst at the seams with joy!}

    Mention promo code APRILFOOLS for 10% off of your purchase when you Dine-In during the month of April!  

    Having an upcoming event?  Host it on our private Back Room! Call for more details 212-256-1872.

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  • Party in the BACKROOM!

    Party in the BACKROOM!

    Looking for a special way to celebrate your birthday this year?  Let us help you plan the perfect party!  Whether the party is for you or your child, the team here at Farinella Bakery will make sure it is one to remember!  Everything you will need to get your party started is right here!  From the cozy and intimate setting of the BackRoom, to our world renowned 4 foot long pizza (also known as the palam) you will soon see what all the rave is about.  We will help you take full advantage of the BackRoom features, including a 72" wide screen, projector and AppleTV connected to a sound system as powerful as a meatpacking district NY club! Make yourself comfortable in our communal seating, which is great for social-dining with guests.  This is a space EVERYONE can appreciate; even the children!  I promise you, your little ones will not want the party to end!  They will be entertained with a Signature Farinella party favor goodie bag, filled with a variety of fun activities.  Whatever your party needs might be, we have just the solution!  Everything we do...we do big!  Just take one look at our pizza!  Call 212-256-1872 today to begin planning the party of a lifetime!  Don't forget to ask about the 10% discount for the month of April!           


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