• 3 STELLAR Steps To Pulling Off The BEST April Fools' Day Prank!

    Face it, we get just ONE day a year where we are able to pull some of the most outrageous pranks on our family and friends (& unapologetically, might I add!)...in the name of April Fools' Day!  So this year we want to help you out...after all, you only get to do this ONE time a year!

    Just follow these 3 stellar steps...

    1. Build unexpected anticipation and get them BEYOND excited.
    {Tell 'em you're bringing home a 4ft long, steaming hot Farinella pizza!}

    2. Curb every ounce of excitement and anticipation...I mean stop it RIGHT in its tracks!
    {At the LAST minute, call home and ask them to just "pull something out of the freezer" for dinner. You JUST remembered that pot roast that's been in there all year! Talk about a major let down!}

    3. Throw that MIGHTY curve ball and BLOW their unsuspecting brilliant minds!
    {Bust through the door with their favorite 4ft long pizza...or better yet, pack up the fam and head over the Farinella's Back Room and let them feast on the pizza experience they almost gave up hope on...APRIL FOOLS'!!!...and watch them burst at the seams with joy!}

    Mention promo code APRILFOOLS for 10% off of your purchase when you Dine-In during the month of April!  

    Having an upcoming event?  Host it on our private Back Room! Call for more details 212-256-1872.