• Business in the front...Party in the back.

    At first glance Farinella Midtown seems to be quite similar to our Upper East Side eatery (located at 1132 Lexington Ave.); our no nonsense, healthy baked goods and salads are served at the front counter to busy patrons on the go.  Yet step inside and you will discoverFarinella Midtown (located 788 Lexington Ave.)  features a discrete rear dining room with a slightly expanded version of our take away/delivery menu.  Currently the Farinella Backroom (as we like to call it) is being booked for private parties and taking reservations for large groups of up to 40.    The Backroom is also ideal for corporate events such as meetings and video screenings.  We recently hosted an intimate  listening party for Know-Wave radio that included a DJ (not to brag but we have a wonderful soundsystem...) and we have been having a great time watching the World Cup on our projection screen.

    An event planner is available to help you with food and beverage choices as well as the coordination of other elements such as entertainment, invitations, themes and such. Packages for children’s parties are available and  yes, we can even arrange karaoke...but you have to be willing to rap one song, in Italian, for us.