• Mom's Night Off

    Jumping straight out of bed (while catching parts of Barbie’s wardrobe between her toes) the young mom hobbles off hurriedly to grab her Superwoman cape! It is that time again! Time to prepare a nutritious breakfast, get those lunches packed, clothes iron, hair combed, faces kissed, those little bodies out of the door and off to school. But wait!  The relay race is not even close to over.  After that busy mama’s full day at work, she returns back to the world she has come to know as “motherhood” to finish the final leg of the “race”.  From the boardroom to the laundry room, she changes back into her cape.  While getting dinner going, she throws in a load of laundry and helps with homework.  She then proceeds to wash dishes, bath the kiddos and tucks them in for a good night’s sleep.  Whew…finally.  Time for a little shut eye…until…tomorrow.  Listen, this message is for all the Mom’s out there, we appreciate your hard work towards the job that never truly ends.  Many of us were once on the receiving end; nurtured and cared for by our dear mothers, and we are forever grateful.  This one is for you…THANK YOU, a million times over!  You are the real MVP’s!  Game Changers like no other.  Now this part of the message is for the kiddos and daddy-o’s … on May 10th give Mom the gift of a break; no cooking, cleaning or picking up after anyone for at least 24 hours. During that 24 hour period treat her to Farinella’s pizza were she can kick up her feet, relax and indulge in one of her favorite palams.  Remember, we also have Gift Cards in case she wants to slip off without you… hey, every girl needs a little “Me Time”. Happy Mother’s Day!

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