While Adele had us

    While Adele had us "ROLLING IN THE DEEP", Farinella's pizza will have you "ROLLING IN THE GREEN!"

    This Saint Patrick’s Day, Farinella Bakery is giving NYC something to talk about! That’s right!  Around here, it is not business as usual.  As a matter of fact, is anything around here “USUAL”?  The Farinella team is committed to CREATING out-of-the box experiences for everyone who sinks their teeth into one of our delicacies.  Pizza is not “just” pizza in this neighborhood, it is an expression.  A creative expression in which we take tremendous pride!  Now, what kind of pizzeria would Farinella be if we didn’t pay homage to our little buddy the Leprechaun, this St. Patrick’s Day?  Out of our sheer excitement to make this happen, we decided to submerge ourselves in the spirit of St. Patty by ROLLING IN THE GREEN!  Our traditional white dough was transformed into a “Shamrock’ish” green by way of incorporating fresh, organic spinach.  The spinach is on its absolute best behavior as it shows up to the party, bright and colorful…yet subtle; hardly noticeable to the taste buds, as to not over power the savory toppings.  Each parcel of the crispy palam has  been gingerly layered with fresh spinach pesto, crunchy roasted pine nuts, sweet sun-dried tomatoes, topped with shredded Pecorino Romano, (which provides the perfect “bite”) and finished with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to bring everything into balance.  So, this St. Patrick’s Day, come roll in the green with us and make your ShamROCK as we celebrate our little Irish buddy to the very last bite!  Try our Shamrock Pizza TODAY thru March 17th.