• While Adele had us


    While Adele had us "ROLLING IN THE DEEP", Farinella's pizza will have you "ROLLING IN THE GREEN!"

    This Saint Patrick’s Day, Farinella Bakery is giving NYC something to talk about! That’s right!  Around here, it is not business as usual.  As a matter of fact, is anything around here “USUAL”?  The Farinella team is committed to CREATING out-of-the box experiences for everyone who sinks their teeth into one of our delicacies.  Pizza is not “just” pizza in this neighborhood, it is an expression.  A creative expression in which we take tremendous pride!  Now, what kind of pizzeria would Farinella be if we didn’t pay homage to our little buddy the Leprechaun, this St. Patrick’s Day?  Out of our sheer excitement to make this happen, we decided to submerge ourselves in the spirit of St. Patty by ROLLING IN THE GREEN!  Our traditional white dough was transformed into a “Shamrock’ish” green by way of incorporating fresh, organic spinach.  The spinach is on its absolute best behavior as it shows up to the party, bright and colorful…yet subtle; hardly noticeable to the taste buds, as to not over power the savory toppings.  Each parcel of the crispy palam has  been gingerly layered with fresh spinach pesto, crunchy roasted pine nuts, sweet sun-dried tomatoes, topped with shredded Pecorino Romano, (which provides the perfect “bite”) and finished with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to bring everything into balance.  So, this St. Patrick’s Day, come roll in the green with us and make your ShamROCK as we celebrate our little Irish buddy to the very last bite!  Try our Shamrock Pizza TODAY thru March 17th.

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  • Business in the front...Party in the back.

    At first glance Farinella Midtown seems to be quite similar to our Upper East Side eatery (located at 1132 Lexington Ave.); our no nonsense, healthy baked goods and salads are served at the front counter to busy patrons on the go.  Yet step inside and you will discoverFarinella Midtown (located 788 Lexington Ave.)  features a discrete rear dining room with a slightly expanded version of our take away/delivery menu.  Currently the Farinella Backroom (as we like to call it) is being booked for private parties and taking reservations for large groups of up to 40.    The Backroom is also ideal for corporate events such as meetings and video screenings.  We recently hosted an intimate  listening party for Know-Wave radio that included a DJ (not to brag but we have a wonderful soundsystem...) and we have been having a great time watching the World Cup on our projection screen.

    An event planner is available to help you with food and beverage choices as well as the coordination of other elements such as entertainment, invitations, themes and such. Packages for children’s parties are available and  yes, we can even arrange karaoke...but you have to be willing to rap one song, in Italian, for us.     

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    After months of anticipation our new Farinella Bakery Pizzeria has finally opened its doors to excited friends, family and new neighbors. Located at 788 Lexington Ave. btwn 61st and 62nd streets,  Farinella Midtown features an expanded menu, beer, wine, gelato and a lovely, discrete rear dining room we refer to as “THE BACKROOM” perfect for a night out with friends, private parties and more.  We invite you to stop by, have a slice, have a palam, drink some wine and stay awhile, we’re open until 11PM. Farinella Midtown is available for all of your dine-in and pick-up needs… and don't forget that we also DELIVER!!!   

    We thank you all for your support and look forward to seeing you at both Farinella UES and Farinella Midtown.  

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  • Opening soon!

    The rumors are true… YES, WE'RE EXPECTING!!!

    It is with great joy that we await the arrival of the newest addition to the Farinella Bakery family.  Coming Spring 2014 Farinella Bakery invites you to visit us at our new mid-town location on Lexington Ave. between 61st and 62nd street. No longer will you have to eat and run.  Farinella Mid-town will serve the same crispy Roman-style pizza that our neighbors on the UES have come to love, but with dining in options,  take-away and delivery further downtown.  Our dining room seats 40 and we’re putting the finishing touches on our wine and beer lists.   

    We’re almost ready to celebrate and we can’t wait to have you join us.

    (btw the rumors about Farinella St. Barts aren't true yet, but after this winter...) 

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  • Our new limited edition HALLOWEEN sticker!

    HALLOWEEN 2011

    Stop by Farinella starting Saturday October 29 to Monday October 31 for a little "Trick or Pizza"! COME GET OUR NEW LIMITED EDITION "TRICK OR PIZZA" STICKER!!!

    Our Assistant Manager Simona in her Halloween make-up!

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