• ALIFE choose Farinella's pizza for the WORLD CUP!

    Every four years the FIFA World Cup comes around, ensuring an exciting, fun (and emotional if your squad doesn’t win) way  to start the summer. While we enjoyed (and sometimes cried) watching the matches here at Farinella Downtown our friends over at ALIFE Rivington Club made our delectable pizzas their official Saturday game time meal. Sponsored by UMBRO the crew at ARC enjoyed several Saturdays of beautiful weather, delicious Farinella pizza and unforgettable World Cup action in the comfort and style at their exclusive courtyard hideout.    

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    WestLB comes to Tribeca! WELCOME!

    We cater the WestLB "WELCOME PARTY" at World Financial Building #7! 

    30 FARINELLA's PALAM for a total of 120 foot of pizza were displayed (and ate REALLY FAST!!!!) in the meeting room at the 51st floor of the NEW World Financial Building! We have been really happy  to welcome WestLB with such a massive and delicious catering (that also included PANINI, CALZONI & SALADS!).

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  • TheNewYorkTimes covered one of our stories.


    Please read this interesting interview from TheNewYorkTimes, covering the life and talent, of Jeannie from FARINELLA's family!

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  • Photoshoot for the new snowboard's season.


    After a lovely summer hiatus Farinella resumed Saturday business hours in early September just in time for some friends from ESPN.com to drop by.  As we all mourn the end of summer, snowboarders all over rejoice the return of snowboard season. The good people at ESPN.com (probably while craving pizza) noticed a link between our PALAM and the snowboard.  Check out a few top secret shots taken at a photoshoot done by Pete Thompson.

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