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Thrill everyone, every time 

Farinella offers personalized catering solutions for feeding large groups of people with ease. Have a working lunch or dinner party planned?  Our menu includes the best of Farinella’s menu with choices to please everybody.  Order today and rest assured that your needs will be taken care of and your guests will be delighted.

In addition to our pizza Palam's, Mini-Calzoni are a perfect treat for any occasion. 

If you are looking for greens look no further than our salads. A medium salad feeds 6-8 people and a large can accommodate 12-15 people. All of our salads come with complimentary Focaccia bread.

 Just call to make arrangements.  A 24 hour turn around is suggested for all catering orders for more groups larger than 20..  



Pizza Party…not just for children.

We make feeding a large group easy.  A full Palam comes with 10 slices that are cut in half, making 20 pieces of pizza. To help serve large parties we offer the "Cocktail Cut", which turns each slice into three pieces makes 30 pieces total  For children's parties and hors d'oeuvres, The "Baby Cut" cuts each slice into four, with a total of 40 easy to handle pieces.

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